18 March 2013

What Professors Do: Spring Break

My plans for "vacation":
  • Grade papers
  • Take the car in to the garage (overdue oil change, overdue 100,000 mile service)
  • Get new tires for the same car (they're not bald yet, but they're getting old)
  • Prepare assignments and get ahead on course reading for the rest of the semester (because for academics, April is the cruelest month)
  • Do research and write (two conference papers and an overdue journal article)
  • Doctor's appointments (to schedule a procedure for after the semester is over)
  • Go to a conference (meet grad students, preside over a session I've organized, give a paper)
  • Cut back on coffee and catch up on sleep (see: April)
Academic friends and colleagues: When was the last time you took a vacation during your vacation?