17 January 2009

Minus Eleventy Degrees

Wool socks, snowpants, fleece jacket, boots, parka, hat, mittens, take it all off, go pee, put it all back on and this time remember to smear a little vaseline over the two square inches of exposed facial skin.

The Mate is in France (me, jealous? why noooo!), and that means I have to bundle up The Offspring first thing in the morning and again last thing at night so we can go out and walk the dog.

It's one thing to go out in the middle of the day with the sun shining when the temperature has actually, however briefly, reached its high for the day. It's another entirely to have to take the kid out in the dark with the wind up.

I have a new respect for all the parents in Minnesota and and Utah and northern New England who have to do this for six months straight: NYC gets the occasional cold snap, but usually the winters are fairly mild. On the other hand, they might also have a backyard so they can just put the dog out, rather than having to descend five flights and then wait for him to do his thing.