16 January 2009

We Need Peace, Not War

I've been following the news in Gaza with increasing horror, but have felt incapable of meaningful response.

The on-going attacks on Israel can't continue, yet Israels' attacks on Gazan civilians, possibly using white phosphorus bombs in violation of international law, are a horrifying response.

Naomi Klein calls for boycott of Israel, drawing an analogy between the current situation there and apartheid in South African. I'm not sure that's right, though.

The only thing I've read recently that rings true is Paul Kaye's essay in The Guardian commenting on the "dark fog" in which his family moves following his mother-in-law's death in Israel. Kaye writes:
At Shuli's funeral last May, her son Jonathon, my brother-in-law, gave a speech. Where are the doves?" he asked. "What is this land worth without someone with a vision? Nothing. Without doves it wasn't worth the struggle."
That's all I know. We need peace, not war.