12 January 2009

Still Trying

Okay, even as I wrote that it's too hard to go out walking because it's always dark, cold, and wet, I knew it was an incredibly poor excuse. So I shut off my computer and went out for a walk. I left at 9 at night; it was dark and cold, and when I got outside I discovered freezing rain coming out of the sky. By the time I got home, I was crusty with ice. But still I enjoyed the walk. And I got out again yesterday, and again today. I'm going to try to go thirty days without missing a single day.

In other news, mystified by the difficulty I was having showering in time to beat the pink toy egg timer, I finally timed it. It gives me one minute, fifty seconds. No wonder it seemed ... really short. The Offspring suggested I turn it over and give myself two rounds, which seems like a reasonable solution, and I can try to get bonus points by finishing before it's halfway through the second time.