20 January 2009

President Barack Hussein Obama

My Aunt Ruthie, 76 years old, a life-long resident of Maine, and a recovering Republican, who hated "Jimmy Peanuts" and voted for "Papa George" (but not, I don't think, for Ronnie or W), scolded me this evening for not having my class watch the inauguration this morning.

My mother, a recently naturalized immigrant from Germany celebrating her first inauguration as a citizen, has been glued to the television all day ... which speaks volumes, considering my parents can go weeks without ever turning the i-Box on.

The Offspring and his classmates watched the inauguration in the school auditorium.

I spent the day, the first of a new semester, teaching classes and meeting with students and others. Only later did I read the transcript of Obama's inaugurations speech, twice, and more. As a written document, it is very richly allusive.

Not much else to say: I am still in a bubble of euphoria at the reality of this new administration.