10 April 2011

"Green" Printer Ink

I ran out of toner for my laser printer the other day. I'd already made the cartridge last as long as possible by taking it out and shaking it to redistribute the toner a few times, but finally it was really and completely empty.

So I was ready to go off to Staples to buy a new one, but The Mate insisted on buying instead from Cartridge World. He wasn't sure if they had them in stock, or if we'd have to wait while the old ones were refilled, and I have to say I wasn't very well-behaved about it all. I didn't want to wait while he made phone calls to get more information, and I didn't want to take any responsibility for doing any of that leg-work myself, and I got crankier and crankier about not being able to print stuff out.

Today he called them. Turns out not only are they open on Sunday, and there's a location not too far from us in the West Village, but they have refilled cartridges for both our printers in stock. And he went off and bought us two refilled cartridges, and dropped off our old ones for recycling.

The box is printed with a request that users return it to the store and the admonition, "Reusing is the highest form of environmental responsibility. Inside the box, the foil bag with the cartridge in it is likewise marked "DO NOT CUT OR TEAR! Zip Top Bag. Recyclable." Huh.

So ... yeah. I'm impressed with The Mate and with Cartridge World, and a little ashamed about being so unenlightened about my printer ink purchase. (If environmental responsibility doesn't do it for you, how about significant savings?)