01 April 2011

Peace and Health

The news lately, local and global alike, has felt like a constant barrage. Last night I dreamed a massive barge was moving slowly and inexorably toward me in the East River, bearing another shipment of Bad.

This morning The Mate and I walked the dog along that river. Raw, wet wind flung sleet against our faces while the lead-grey river at its high tide churned and swirled beside us to set a metaphorically appropriate mood.

But there's an interruption to the flood of current events. My colleague Chris Hirschler spent his spring vacation in Guatemala working on public health projects with students and local residents, and he made a video you can check out here.

I sit around at home writing about the environment, trying to get people to think about their own habits and encourage them to make change, and to let that change ripple through community. Meanwhile, Chris and his students are out there doing concrete good -- and I'm inspired, and heartened.

Watch all the way to the end to see marshmallows get toasted like you've never seen before.