24 November 2010

Biker Chronicles Continue

Only one day on campus this week, and it was a long one; doing the bike commute meant it was going to be even longer: I left home at 8 a.m. and got back around 10:30.

But riding after dark in the quiet streets of Long Branch late this evening I was reminded of being on sabbatical, cycling home after a late lecture or a day trip to London.

Anything that reminds me of sabbatical is pretty much a good thing -- it doesn't get much better than a year with no teaching responsibilities and access to some of the world's best libraries, with plenty of time to use them.

Sometimes in New York and New Jersey, I get cranky on the bike ride: I get no respect, and in fact frequent disrespect, from pedestrians as well as from motor-vehicle drivers. But then I run into things like this:
And since I'm on a bike, and not in a car, I'm moving slowly enough to take it in and really appreciate it.

Two and a half weeks of teaching left in the semester, then finals. Might I actually make this public-transit project last through the entire term?