16 November 2010

A Slight Corrective to the Weather Report

According to the weather forecasters, there's an 80 percent chance of rain in New York City today, going up to 90 percent this evening.

But my bike rides to the World Trade Center PATH station, and from the Long Branch station to my office, were dry.

It turns out an 80 percent chance of rain means there's an 80 percent chance there will be rain somewhere in the region at some point during the forecast period. It doesn't mean there will be rain across the entire region 80 percent of the time.

So that leaves a pretty good chance of dry conditions in any given place, at any given time. And this morning I lucked out.

Still -- I brought the rain suit in case it's wetter this evening. Don't need to get drenched.

Lost track of the number of weeks, by the way. But now it's officially a "streak," and it's reached the point where I'm driven by a weird compulsion to keep it up, just for the sake of not breaking it.

Update: No rain on the way home, either. Luck was with me today.