08 November 2010

New York Needs Marriage Equality

Here's a letter I've written to Andrew Cuomo:
Dear Governor-Elect Cuomo,

It's an embarrassment that the state of New York has not passed a marriage equality bill, and it's an outrage that the reason for this is that Sheldon Silver has buried the bill in committee, not allowing a vote to come to the Assembly floor.

I hope that as Governor, you will press for equality in marriage in the state of New York and get the bill out of committee and onto the floor for a vote. And I hope you'll encourage legislators to vote for the bill so that New York can set an example for the nation, as it has done on other civil rights issues in the past.

Thank you for your consideration.
Please feel free to adapt the letter (or even steal it) and write to Cuomo and other legislators, too. Please let me know in the comments if you've done so. Live in New Jersey or another state? Write to your elected officials anyway.

Thanks, y'all!