24 November 2010

Experimenting with Pie Crust

My mother came for The Offspring's birthday earlier this fall with two pumpkins. I cooked them up and downloaded a recipe for vegan pumpkin pie, and thus began The Season Of The Pies.

After those first two pumpkins were history, I bought four (4!!) more on a trip out of the city, and it's been pumpkin pie almost every week.

I've been experimenting with gluten-free, dairy-free crust.

This week, I tried 1 1/2 C Bob's All-Purpose GF Flour; 1/2 C almond meal; 1/4 C sugar; 1/2 C Earth Balance margarine; and 1/4 C coconut oil, chilled. (No salt: the margarine already threatens to make the crust too salty.)

I cut the grease into the flour in the usual way, and the coconut oil softens so that it all blends together without needing any water, and then I press the dough into the pie pan: it's too sticky to roll out.

I'm still not thrilled, though. It's heavy and just tastes a little too doughy.

Any of my cook friends out there have any ideas for modifications?