09 November 2010

Is Tofu Processed Food?

Even though October is over, and even though I failed to go a month, much less a week or even a day, without consuming processed food, I'm still thinking about it.

This morning's breakfast was pumpkin pie. Vegan and made from scratch at home, including the crust. But one of the ingredients was tofu.

Which led me to wonder: does tofu count as processed food?

So naturally I went to the Intertubes to find out, and I learned that there are numerous web sites that assure readers that tofu is easy to make at home and doesn't require any special equipment.

There's a recipe here, and another one here, and also here and here.

So ... I could make my own tofu. But unless I'm willing also to make my own soy milk, it would get expensive: the amount of soy milk required to make tofu would cost a lot more than just buying the equivalent package of tofu.

Short answer, then, is no: tofu is not processed food.

The pie is safe.