08 February 2011

Getting Off the Couch

I've made it to the gym twice since shaming myself in public, both times at lunchtime (thanks, J).

Here are some things I've learned:
  • Two sets on the weight machines is enough. I don't need to take the time for three.
  • Television is even more annoying than I realized.
  • Pop music gets on my nerves after a while, too.
  • People grunting every time they heft a weight? Give it a rest.
  • Singing along with their ipod? Oh boy.
  • Last but not least: my state-of-the-art Pearl Izumi workout tights? Very, very 90s.
I need a goal. I'm looking for a goal to work toward, some time in early summer. One ambitious possibility: The Mount Washington Road Race. The race t-shirt (my mother owns several) says "only one hill" -- but it's a long, long hill.

Whaddya think? Am I totally nuts?