04 February 2011

Plastics Again: Bag Lunch

Responses tell me that my rant about the ubiquity of plastic in our lives missed the point, or the spirit, of Plastic Free Month. So... some more serious thoughts.

I've been buying Dr. Bronner's liquid soap, and watering it down in a pump dispenser in the kitchen for handwashing. But I'm going to try going back to bar soap in the kitchen. I'm also going to try giving bar shampoo one more try, once the current bottles of shampoo run out.

Also, I saw mention somewhere of powdered dishwashing soap, in a box instead of a bottle: did they mean for handwashing? If that's for real, it would be another good improvement. (On that subject: did you know that the major brands of dish liquid are made out of petroleum? Another reason to use something like Seventh Generation, even if you have to buy it in a plastic bottle.)

But this is the big one: I bought lunch on campus twice this week. Yikes -- an awful lot of plastic, right there. So here's a vow: I'm going to try to bring lunch every day for the rest of February. Means I have to be more careful about stocking up and cooking on the weekend, to make sure that if there aren't any leftovers, there's at least bread for a sandwich.

(What can I say? I don't really like sandwiches. Yeah, yeah, go report me to HUAC.)