08 February 2011

Sustainable NYC

I recently bought a wallet made out of recycled billboard at Sustainable NYC on Avenue A between 8th and 9th Streets, I love to browse all the great stuff they have for sale -- fair trade jewelry, green cotton socks, and stuff made out of recycled materials. Here it is:
I was there to buy gifts. But I'd been looking at my old wallet for some time, trying to decide if it was battered enough to replace, or if I should think about trying to get it repaired, and when I saw this, well, I bought it.
I was a little worried about durability. But it's been six weeks or so since I bought it, and no sign of any wear and tear so far, despite the fact that I've got it fairly well stuffed.

Current contents:
Metrocard and ten NJ Transit tickets (Newark Penn Station to Long Branch)
Debit card, two credit cards, pre-tax medical benefits card, health insurance card
Four pictures of The Offspring
Driver's license and employee ID card
NYU and NYPL library cards
Some cash

What do you carry in your wallet?