10 February 2011

What's In Your Bag?

After I posted a list of what I keep in my wallet, I came across What's In Your Bag on flickr. Magpie wanted to know why all those photos look so neat and tidy. So here's my question for today: What's really in your bag?

I don't actually know what's in my bag. So I just dumped the contents on my desk to find out. Here goes. Truth:

Supplies (you know what I mean)
Xopenex inhaler
Burt's Bees lip balm
Cell phone
Miniature Swiss Army knife, connected by a short lanyard to a tiny LED flashlight
Valentine's day "rose" purchased from a student group to help buy hats and mittens for children in need
Plastic gadget to connect chopsticks for use by a little kid (not the chopsticks, though)One stray dime
Five band-aids
One-dose packet of Tylenol Sinus
One-dose packet of Advil

Oddly enough, there are no reading glasses in there this morning, no pencil or pen, no stray receipts.

I'd have said the pharmaceuticals had been in there for months, forgotten, except that the Tylenol expired last October, so maybe it's been years. The chopstick gadget has also been unused for a very long time.

So ... 'fess up. What's really in your bag?