04 January 2012


Goal 1: Cut back on driving.  In Fall of 2010, my goal was to take public transit to work once a week, and I made it through the whole semester.  In spring, bronchitis and then pneumonia meant I couldn't handle the bike rides at each end, and I went back to driving.  In Fall of 2011, I took the train at least twice each week, and at one point went a whole month without driving my car to work.

This semester, I'm going to aim for fewer than five car trips.  For the whole term.  Plus the two weeks before the semester starts, and the week of Commencement.  Eighteen weeks in all.  I'm glad it's supposed to warm up a little tomorrow, because riding when it's below freezing can get a little ugly.

Goal 2: Pack more lunches.  Health benefit, from avoiding cheap Chinese food or student food court fries; environmental benefit, from avoiding all that plastic packaging.

Do you do resolutions?