21 January 2012

Jogging in Freezing Rain

I went for a run this afternoon.  The snow had given way to stinging freezing rain blowing into my face.  The East River, a color somewhere between lead and Joyce's snot green sea.

I used to go outdoors and do stuff year round.  Through the winter, I'd be out biking and hiking and jogging.  But for the last several years, winter exercise has all but disappeared what with one lung infection after another for two or three or six months. Spring and summer, attempting to claw my way back to fitness before the next bout of enforced inactivity.

I have no idea why I'm healthy this winter.  I'm fairly shocked by it.  Occasionally I'm annoyed that circumstances mean I can't take good health for granted, but mostly I'm grateful to be aware of what a gift this is.  And I'm out getting exercise -- because I can.  Today, though, trying to keep my eyes from being pelted with little bits of ice, I had a new thought. 

Maybe this is nuts.