01 January 2012

Just One Appliance?

I'm hearing on Twitter from a lot of entities to which I do not subscribe.  Now that the semester and the holidays are over I'm going to have to figure out why this is so and what to do about it. Meanwhile, Sears wants to know: "What's the one appliance you couldn't live without?"

I suspect what they really want is to encourage people to buy another appliance.  But I like the idea of living with just one appliance.  Maybe none.

On the other hand, I have eleven appliances in my house, and I'm not in a hurry to get rid of any of them.  The most recent acquisition is a dishwasher.  What a relief.  If I had to give up all but one, I'd have to say that's the one I'd hang on to. (Is it cheating that I'm assuming I'd get to hang on to the washers and dryers in the basement of my apartment building?)

The dishwasher is the only appliance we use daily.  Every week, often multiple times: toaster, rice cooker, crock pot, blender, coffee grinder, spice grinder.  Maybe once a month: mixer, cuisinart.  Less than once a month: waffle maker, 12-cup percolator.  (No, in fact I don't own a hair dryer.)

It's a long list, especially if you've recently read a book like Little House in the Big Woods

In my defense? Most of these are once-in-a-decade purchases, if not less frequent.  The percolator and the cuisinart are hand-me-downs; the crock pot came out of the trash (with a note on it that said, "It works").  The mixer was a wedding present; I bought The Mate the waffle iron before The Offspring came along, so it's been around for quite a while.  The blender jar broke a few months ago, and a couple of weeks ago I finally replaced it -- with one made of stainless steel, that should last longer than the motor in the blender.

It's an interesting idea.  If you had to live with just one appliance, what would it be?